ASU Interplanetary Initiative - Space to Thrive Panel

Arizona State University recently held a public event called “Space to Thrive”, laying ot the vision for the Interplanetary Institute. In a future where millions of humans live and work in space, every aspect of humanity will be present. The Interplanetary Institute seeks to show how cross-disciplinary teams will tackle the problems of space settlement. That future will not require just engineers, scientists, and test pilots, it will also need artists, designers, storytellers, business managers, philosophers, lawyers, educators, and much more.

Space is for everyone.

Learn how interdisciplinary teams are pursuing answers to big questions around space exploration. A public panel at ASU Marston Exploration Theater was held Thursday, October 24th at 5:30 pm. The event consisted of Interplanetary Initiative project flash talks and a panel moderated by Dr. Cady Coleman, ASU's Global Explorer in Residence.

Presented by

Michael Crow

President, Arizona State University

Lindy Elkins-Tanton

Principal Investigator, NASA Psyche mission

Managing Director and Co-chair, ASU Interplanetary Initiative

Co-founder, Beagle Learning

Moderated by

Dr. Cady Coleman

ASU’s Global Explorer in Residence

Astronaut, Scientist, Musician, Explorer, Mom

Panel: Interplanetary Project Leads

Lance Gharavi - Port of Mars

A social science experiment embedded in a compelling game about Mars settlement.

Sangram Redkar - Rapid Responsive Space

Developing multiple ways to design space missions capable of accommodating new needs that emerge during mission operations.

Timiebi Aganaba - Space Advisory

This project is to develop the strategic plan for a lab to identify and address the future of space legal and policy issues as it relates to industry, government, and academia through a dedicated legal clinic and advisory service.

Evgenya Shkolnik - Exploration Learning

Education techniques that teach process, problem-solving, and grit, and avoid rewarding the blind acceptance of content.

Robert LiKamWa - Five Senses in Space

Constructing a virtual reality + smell engine with the earthly and spacey scents. The team also unveiled the Mars Exploration Mobile Unit that is a simulated Mars habitat.

Geoffrey Clark - Humans and Robotics

Designing and building an exoskeleton prototype that has applications for both astronauts and people on Earth.

Lance Gharavi - Vox Celestia Podcast

A brand new podcast featuring innovators and thought-leaders at the cutting edge of designing and building the future of humans in space.

Kaylee Poetsch - Satellite Operations Course 

Qwaltec and ASU are partnering to create the world’s first online satellite command and control certificate.